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imagePRESS 1110 / 1135

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imagePRESS 1110 / 1135 Black and White Canon Production Printing Systems (Cut-sheet) imagePRESS 1110 / 1135 Black and White Canon Production Printing Systems (Cut-sheet)

Introducing a new generation of core system black-and-white printers

Representing a new evolution in core system printers, the imagePRESS 1110 / 1135 is built to withstand large and complex tasks while optimising smooth and high-speed production every step of the way.
  • Black & white production printer
  • Media: up to 13" x 19.2" (330 x 488 mm)
  • Print speed (A4): iPR 1110: up to 110ppm iPR 1135: up to 135ppm
Impressive print speed True 1200dpi resolution 14,000-sheet capacity
With a high-speed continuous output of up to 110 pages per minute for the iPR 1110 and 135 pages per minute for the iPR 1135, this production printing system is a landmark in productivity. Even in handling large tasks, its swift processing ensures you meet every timeline with ease. The imagePRESS 1110 / 1135 is able to print images at a true 1200 x 1200dpi (with 256 halftones) resolution. At this high quality, it produces sharp characters, smooth corners, clean gradient transitions, resulting in sharper text and images that are extremely clear and detailed. Featuring a large feed capacity, this production printing system easily allows large volume processing. The air-paper-feed cassettes in the main unit have a capacity of 2,000 sheets. In addition, up to three POD decks, each with a 4,000-sheet capacity may be fitted to enable a total mammoth feed capacity of up to 14,000 sheets.

Specifications for imagePRESS 1110 / 1135

Main Engine  
Printing method Electrostatic image transfer
Resolution 1,200 x 1,200dpi
Gradation 256 gradations
Grammage (g/m2) A4 single-sided 110 sheets / minute (iPR 1110), 135 sheets / minute (iPR 1135)
Continuous printing speed A3 single-sided 68 sheets / minute (iPR 1110), 77 sheets / minute (iPR 1135)
Paper size B5 - 330.2mm x 487.7mm (13 x 19.2in.)
Maximum printing area 323mm x 482.7mm
Compatible paper thickness 52 - 300g/m2
Auto Duplexing Paper Thickness up to 300g/m2
Paper feed method Air Feeding Method Technology
Front loading 2000 sheets: (B5 – 13 x 19.2in.)
POD deck (optional) 4000 sheets: 1000 sheets x 2 levels, 2000 sheets x 1 level
(B5 – 13 x 19.2in.). Up to 3 POD decks may be connected.
Maximum feed capacity 14,000 sheets
Power Single-phase 220V30A + 220V15A, 50 / 60Hz
Dimensions (width x depth x height) 1,380 x 808 x 1,373mm
Paper Supply   
POD Decks (including Secondary) Paper Size: 12" x 18", 11" x 17",12" x 19.2", LGL, A4, A4R, EXEC, EXECR, Custom size: 7 - 1/8" x 7 - 1/8" to 13" x 19 - 1/4" (182mm x 182mm to 330.2mm x 487.7mm)
Capacity: 1,000 x 2 + 2,000 sheets (75g/m2 )
Multiple-feeding Detection: Yes (Built-in)
Feeding Method Air Separation:  Side Paper Deck - AF1: Yes
POD Decks: Yes
Air Blowing:  Side Paper Deck - AF1: Yes
POD Decks: Yes
Air Suction:  Side Paper Deck - AF1: No
POD Decks: Yes
Colour Image Module (Reader)   
Automatic Document Feeder Document Size:  B6S - A3, STMTL - 11" x 17" 
Input Capacity:  300 sheets for all size (75g/m2
Document Feeding:  One path duplex scan 
Mixed Size:  Yes 
Color Image Reader Image Sensor:  CMOS 
Platen:  Fixed 
Acceptable Originals:  Sheet, book, 3D object (Up to 2kg) 
Resolution:  600 x 600dpi 
Multi Inserter   
Multi Drawer Document Unit-A1 Type:  Multi-Inserter: Optional 
Paper Feeding Method:  Air Separation Insertion Method 
Paper Size:  12" x 18", 11" x 17",12" x 19.2", LGL, A4, A4R, EXEC, EXECR, manual size: 7-1/8" x 7-1/8" to 13" x 19 - 1/4" (182 x 257mm to 330.2 x 487.7mm) 
Paper Material:  Uncoated Paper: 52 to 300g/m2 Coated Paper: 80 to 240g/m2, Emboss Paper, Tab Paper, Film, Tab Paper kit is needed for Tab Paper
(Tab Paper cannot be loaded in upper tray)  
Capacity:  1,000 x 2 + 2,000 sheets (80g/m2) total 4,000 
Escape Tray Capacity:  160 sheets (80g/m2), or less than 5/8" (16mm) 
Document Insertion Unit:  Paper Size: A3S, A4L, A4S, B4S, B5L, B5S, 13 × 19S, 12" × 18"S, 11 × 17S, LGLS, LTRL, LTRS, ExeL, ExeS, SRA3, Custom (182 x 182mm - 330.2 x 487.7mm)
Paper Material: Uncoated Paper(52 - 300gsm), Coated Paper(80 - 300gsm), Emboss Paper, Tab Paper, Film, Recycled Paper, Color Paper, Vellum
Output Capacity: 200 x 2 sheets(80gsm)
Dimensions (W x D x Hmm): 701 x 793 x 1,397mm
Power Supply: AC100-240V, 1.0A, 50 / 60H
Power Consumption: 200W
Weight (kg): Approx.55kg
Power Supply:  AC220-240V, 2A, 50 / 60Hz 
Power Consumption:  910W 
Paper Folding   
Media Supported paper width:  Min: 7 - 1/4" (182mm)
Max: 13" (330.2mm)
Supported paper length:  Min: 7 - 1/4" (182mm)
Max: 19.2" (487.7mm)
Supported weight:  Min: 52g/m2
Max: 300g/m2
Power Power source:  Spec: Power supplied from Finisher / Saddle Finisher
Avg. wattage 150W
Max. wattage 200W
Plain / Saddle Finisher - AK Series   
Finisher Number of Trays: 
Tray Capacity: Tray A: 3000 Sheets (80g/m2)
Tray B: 2000 Sheets (80g/m2)
Paper Weight:  52 to 300g/m2
Paper Size:  LTR / A4R, LGL / B4, 11" x 17" / A3, 450 x 320mm (SRA3), 12" x 18" / 305 x 457mm, 13" x 19" 
Staple Position:  Corner & Double Stapling 
Maximum Stapling Capacity:  Corner & Double Stapling - 100 Sheets (80g/m2
Saddle Finisher Number of Trays: 
Tray Capacity:  Tray A: 3000 Sheets (80g/m2)
Tray B: 2000 Sheets (80g/m2)
Tray C: Unlimited (Lower tray)
Paper Weight:  52 to 300g/m2
Paper Size:  LTR / A4R, LGL / B4, 11" x 17" / A3, 450 x 320mm (SRA3), 12" x 18" / 305 x 457mm, 13" x 19 
Staple Position:  Corner & Double Stapling 
Maximum Stapling Capacity:  Corner & Double Stapling - 100 Sheets (80g/m2
Saddle Stitching - 20 Sheets
Booklet Trimmer (1 way & 3 ways)   
Mode Trim or bypass
Media size Max size (W x D):  13" x 19.2" (330.2 x 487.7mm), 12" x 18", 13" x 19.2"(330.2 x 487.7mm),11" x 17", LGL, A4R 
Min size (W x D):  8 - 3/8" x 11" (210 x 279.4mm), 12" x 18", 13" x 19.2"(330.2 x 487.7mm), 11" x 17", LGL, A4R 
Media weight 52 to 300g/m2
Type of media Plain, Coated, Special
Power supply Supplying from Saddle Finisher-AF2
Cutting width (1 way) One side: 2 - 20mm (0.08" - 0.78")
Cutting width (3 way) Top and bottom: 2 to 15mm (0.08" - 0.59")
* Minimum finising size from top and bottom is 7 - 1/2" (190mm)
Paper waste capacity About 750 pcs each (15mm cut both top and bottom, A4, 75g/m2)
* "V shape" of a waste is considered as 1pcs of a waste. 750pcs of waste is equivalent in 1,500 sheets (75g/m2) of pages of a book.
Waste box can hold up to about 750pcs both top and bottom each (approx. 1,500 sheets (75g/m2) as folded book)
Max capacity of a delivery 30 books (Book size A4, 40 sheets, conveyer 75g/m2)
High Capacity Stacker   
Tray Output Tray
Stacking System Stacker Tray
(Flattening and Elevating)
Stacking Orientation Stacked in the same way as output from the connected device
Paper Size Output Tray:  13" x 19", 12" x 18", 11" x 17", LGL, LTR, LTRR, STMTR, 304.8 x 482.6mm,320 x 450mm, 330.2 x 482.6mm, A3, B4, A4, A4R, A5R, B5, B5R 
Stack Tray:  13" x 19", 12" x 18", 11" x 17", LGL, LTR, LTRR, 320 x 450mm, 330.2 x 482.6mm, A3, A4, B4, B5 
Paper Weight 52 to 300g/m2
Mode Offset stacking for plots
Non-offset stacking
Stacking onto the output tray
Stacking Capacity Output Tray:  1000 sheets (80g/m2
Stack Tray:  5000 sheets (80g/m2) (A3 size)
10000 sheet (80g/m2) (A4 size)  
Professional Puncher   
Professional Puncher (Integration Unit required) Paper type:  Max (W x L): 11 - 5/8" x 8 - 1/2" (297 x 216mm)
Min (W x L): 11" x 8 - 3/8" (279 x 210mm) A4, Tab Paper
Weight: 75 to 216g/m2 plain paper
Chip Tray Capacity: 25,000 sheets or more of 75g/m2 with four holes
Die Set:  Punch Patterns (A4): 3H, 5H, Velo Bind 11H, Plastic Comb 19H,Twin Loop 21H / 32H, ProClick 32H, Colour Coil 44H 
Perfect Binder   
Binding Method Perfect Binding (Glue Bind)
Trimming Method Stack rotation 3 direction or 1 direction.
No trimming is possible
Stacking Orientation Stacked in the same way as output from the connected device
Booklet Size (after 3-direction trim) Width: 8" to 11 - 11/16" (203mm to 297mm)
Length: 5 - 1/2" to 8 - 1/2"(138mm to 216mm)
Booklet Thickness Approximately 1/8" to 1" (1mm to 25mm) exclude cover
Trimming Range Top / Bottom: 9/16" to 3 - 1/16" (13mm to 79mm)
Foredge: 5/16" to 1 - 15/16" (6.5mm to 49.5mm)
Body Pages / Slip Sheets No of Sheets:  64 to 80g/m2: 10 to 200 sheets:
Thickness 25mm or less  
81 to 105g/m2: 10 to 150 sheets:
Thickness 25mm or less  
106 to 163g/m2: 1 to 10 sheets: Slip sheets only  
Sizes:  Width: 257mm to 320mm
Length: 182mm to 228.6mm, LTR, A4, B5, SRA4, 225mm to 320mm  
Paper Weight:  64 to 163g/m2
Covers No of sheets:  1 sheet 
Sizes:  Width: 257mm to 330.2mm
Length: 364mm to 487.7mm, SRA3, 225mm to 450mm, A3, 11" x 17", B4  
Paper Weight:  90 to 300g/m2
Glue Capacity 380gm, enough for approximately 135 booklets when binding 100 pages booklets of A4 64g/m2 paper
Print Connectivity
  Canon PDL Kit Fiery® Server
Feature imagePRESS Printer Kit-A1 imagePRESS K100 imagePRESS K200
PostScirpt® 3™ Y Y Y
Enable 1200 x 1200dpi print resolution Y Y Y
Fiery® System   Sys 10 Sys 10
Operating System   Windows 7 Professional FES (64bit) Windows 7 Professional FES (64bit)
CPU   Intel Pentium Dual Core i5 E5300 2.6GHz Intel Core i5 660 Processor 3.33-3.6GHz
Memory   2GB 2GB
HDD   250GB 500GB
Optical Media Device   DVD / CD-RW DVD / CD-RW
Fiery® SeeQuence Suite   Option Standard (Impose & Compose)
Available Options   Fiery SQS Removable HDD
Removable HDD VDP Enable Kit
VDP Enable Kit

Accessories for imagePRESS 1110 / 1135

Professional Paper Deck (POD Deck)
Allows the iPR1135 to have a huge 14,000 sheets of paper capacity
With all cassettes fully flexible to be adjusted from B5-13”x19.2” paper size, in addition, it also allows custom size paper
All cassettes equipped with tri-air feeding technology to maximize paper feeding productivity
Reader & Document Feeder (Copier Module)
Optional copier module to allow your digital printing press to also double-up as a high speed photo-copier
Document Feeder allows you to have easy automated paper feed up to 200 impression per minute.
Professional Puncher & Integration Unit
Professional Puncher allows you to choose from a variety of different types of hole punching for professional and convenient finishing.
Paper Folding Unit
Up to five types of folding options
Paper Folding Unit reduce greatly on manual human labour on folding inserts such as letter or mailing documents.
Perfect Binder
Up to 400 pages, the Perfect Binder glue bind and trim books at a single print function from the print driver
Allows different materials to be finished such as a thicker media for the cover page and normal thickness for the body content.
Plain and Saddle Finisher
Both Plan and Saddle Finisher comes with an either a High Speed ARCnet or a conventional IPC connectivity
Both Finisher allows customer to choose the finisher according to their needs and budget.
The saddle finisher in addition will provide booklet making using its twin stapling (Saddle Stitching) function.
Multi Inserter Unit
The Multi Insertion Unit provides pre-printed materials to be included into the path of print materials from the iPR1135/1110
Built similar to the POD Decks, all cassettes are built with tri-air feeding technologies and double feed detection technology.
Document Insertion Unit
A lighter version from the multi insertion unit, the simple 2 bin system allows pre-printed materials to be inserted into the pro-finishing path of the iPR1135
High Capacity Stacker
Option for one or two units to be connected consecutively
High Capacity Stacker is capable to stack a massive total 20,000 (A4 size) sheets of prints in a single print run with out intervention.
Booklet Trimmer (1-Way or 3-Way)
Booklet trimmer trims saddle stitch books long-edged, or both its short edged allowing nicely trimmed books for direct customer delivery.
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